Lil Packaging - Protecting Vinyl Records in the Post since 1983

We manufacture Vinyl Record Mailers and Postal Packaging for Europe's biggest online Vinyl distributers. Super stiff, quick to pack, with frustration free opening - this is the best way to mail Vinyl safely in the post!

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"These things are bombproof! I've sent thousands of LPs out across Europe and the USA with no report of damage during transit"

Best ever product that will keep your vinyl safe during shipping. Strong and hard product. So it saves you money not having to buy 2 products. This is all in one.

I had no idea my vinyl would be so popular, but it's been selling like hot cakes to countries like the US, Chile, Portugal and even the UAE and Thailand. No one has complained that their vinyl is damaged, in fact I've got lots of great feedback from very happy buyers. I have sold so much vinyl I've had to make several orders of F-EP stiff mailers and twice I've ordered them online over breakfast at 7am, and they arrive by courier the next day. I love the reassurance that when I go to the post office I know exactly how much I'm going to get charged in postage, these are classed as small parcels. Overall I cannot recommend these enough.

Since I started using them a couple of years ago, I have had zero reports of damaged records (visit the page on kickstarter here)

The perfect product for my vinyl needs. Keeps everything protected without resorting to overwrought packaging.

Excellent fast delivery. In my opinion, the best packaging for vinyl records on the market.

While you're here, be sure to check out our latest case study featuring our FLP and bukwrap mailers custom printed for Rough Trade Records.

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