Lil Bukwrap® - Highly protective book wraps

Award winning Packaging for Books!

Book wraps (also referred to as Bukwraps, book wrap packaging or book mailers) are one of the best, and most commonly used forms of highly protective board packaging. Featuring variable-depth design, high-strength corrugated kraft board, reduced transport costs, lower postage costs, hot-melt peel ‘n’ seal systems and easy-tear opening strips. Recommended for:

  • Books Of All Kinds Including Comics
  • Media Including Music And Computer Games
  • Artwork & Picture Frames

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  • C1 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    C1 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    216 x 154 x 0-55 mm | FSC® certified

    Looking for affordable book packaging? The C1 book wraps are a perfect example of good book packaging. This book wrap is a useful, rigid cardboard...

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  • C2 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    C2 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    260 x 175 x 0-70 mm | FSC® certified

    Looking for book packaging? The C2 bukwrap, or Amazon style book wraps are very popular, rigid cardboard protective packaging specifically designe...

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  • C-COM Bukwrap

    C-COM Bukwrap

    MADE TO ORDER | 285 x 195 x 0-40 mm

    Are you looking for sturdy‚ cardboard wraps for comic books? The C-COM bukwrap is the ultimate in cardboard wraps for comic books and represents a ...

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  • C3 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    C3 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    311 x 240 x 0-50 mm | FSC® certified

    Looking for large letter book wraps to maximise the Royal Mail large letter size limit of 353 x 250 x 25mm? The C3 bukwrap is a sturdy, rigid card...

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  • C4 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    C4 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    326 x 280 x 0-70 mm | FSC® certified

    If you are looking for sturdy book wraps this is the packaging product for you. The A4 size C4 bukwrap is one of our extra strong book wraps. This ...

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  • CLP Bukwrap

    CLP Bukwrap

    330 x 330 x 0-30 mm | FSC® certified

    Looking for indestructible vinyl record mailers? The CLP bukwrap range of Vinyl Record Mailers is a rigid cardboard protective wrap specifically...

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  • C5 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    C5 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    415 (external 475mm) x 355 x 0-100 mm | FSC® certified

    The Lil C5 bukwrap is a book wrap specifically designed to protect all sorts of products that are valuable and often difficult to package safely d...

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  • C6 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    C6 Bukwrap Book Packaging

    540 x 330 x 0-140 mm | FSC® certified

    Looking for oversized book mailers? The C6 bukwrap is our largest book wrap and is a rigid, cardboard protective package specifically designed to p...

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